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A New Era in Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to Maschine Technology – Where Innovation Meets Possibility.

With decades of experience in AI and robotics, we offer innovative solutions in Generative AI, Underwater 3D vision and Robotic Automatiion.



Robotic Automation

We offer cost effective AI solution to increase manufacturing throughput and significantly shortened ROI.

Underwater 3D Vision

Underwater operations poses tremendous challenges in adverse environment. With AI,  3D perception can be used for various automation applications.

Generative AI

AI chatbot can be customized to provide information of companies’ products and services.


Our Approach to AI Solutions

AI can be cost effective and create great impact to organisation. We offer highly optimized AI solutions such that hardware processing is fully utilized thus increasing performance throughput without incurring huge cost.

Our AI solutions can be deployed securely via cloud or can be hosted on premise, satisfying different needs by our customers.